Upgraded to OL2007 fro OL2003 and now cannot print Daily Task List

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Hi All

Recently upgraded user from office 2003 to 2007.  In outlook she accesses her managers calendar and on a daily basis prints out the days calendar entries. On the same page she also prints out the Daily task List  (File / Page Setup / Daily Style     Tasks drop down).    The problem is that the Tasks option is greyed out and cannot be changed.  it should be a drop down allowing her to choose what she wants.  Anyonoe have any ideas?

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Issue description: When using Outlook 2007, delegate is able to print “Daily” style calendar with “Daily Task List” appearing for their own calendar but this option grays out when they try to print the owner's calendar. However, when using Outlook 2003, delegate is able to print such calendars for owner

Explanation: The symptom is caused by the design change on the product. In the outlook 2007, the delegates who need to print their manager's tasks will go to the “Task” view, open the manager's “Task” folder, and then print them

Workaround: This limitation in outlook 2007 can be overcome partially by using Calendar Printing Assistant tool. The tool is able to print shared tasks but limited to where it will only print tasks if it has a due date and then the due date must be past or today's date. If you print a “Daily” style calendar for a future date, such as tomorrow, the tasks that are past due will not print. It will only print tasks on a calendar for today's date. Outlook 2003 does not have these limitations



The Calendar Printing Assistant does not carry across the Category colors from Outlook. I realize there is a fix for the issue on recurring appointments not showing up.

Has there been any movement by Microsoft to do an update to Outlook 2007 so you can print shared calendars and tasks?

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