Email Stuck in Outbox -- Mail Still Delivered?

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If a mail item shows that it is stuck in the outbox in Outlook 2007, is it typically still delivered to the recepient?


If it is stuck in the outbox means it is facing some n/w connectivity issue. Make sure your outlook is online and you can ping to exchange server and also possible take a look at all exchange services.
and yes Mails stuck in outlook wont delivered to recipient till all above conditions met.

Mike Shen


I would like to explain the process the message is submitted by Outlook to Exchange for delivery. I assume that you have Exchange 2007:

When clients send a new mail, a MAPI message will be created in store and there will be a Mail Submitted MAPI event in store reliable event history. Mail Submission Service running on Mailbox Server will get notifications about the MailSubmitted event from Assistants Infrastructure. Mail Submission Service will then forward the details about the Mapi event to Transport Service running on Hub Server via RPC. Store Driver code running inside Transport service will open the Mapi Message using the information from RPC call, create a new transport mail item for it, submit the new transport mail item to submission queue and tell store we are done with the Mapi message. Store will move the message from Draft or Outbox folder to Sent Items folder.

Therefore, basically, mail should not be delivered to recipient if mail stuck in the Outbox folder. Nevertheless, sometimes, you may encounter the problem that the mail is delivered to recipient but you can locate the mail in Outbox folder.

For example, if the PR_SENTMAIL_ENTRYID property missed in the sent message, the message may still stuck in Outbox:

Processing a Sent Message




but here for me the mail stays in outbox and still delivered to the recipient. i am using exchange 2007 and have tried outlook 2007 and 2003 both. this happens only when exchange cache mode is enabled else fine. also this is happening only for 5 -6 users. also checked in webmail, same status.



I frequently see this same issue. I thought perhaps it was a 2007 Outlook issue, but it occurs on 2010 as well. Exchange 2007 SP1 in a CCR environment. It isn't a show stopper, but bugs the ____ out of users sometimes. It seems if a workstation is shut down (even though the outlook processes appear to be gone in task manager) after sending a message this can be reproduced. I have also seen it with mobile devices such as android and iphones.....
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