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College Guy

We are currently running Exchange 2007, and when our students first log-in and launh Outlook 2007, they are prompted for the server/exchange credentials.  The fields are all automatically populated, and all the user has to do is click NEXT/NEXT.

Is there any way of bypassing this process, so that no user intervention is required, and outlook launches without asking the user anything?

I've checked the office.adm, but it doesnt seem to have anything related to initial setup.

Any help greatly appreciated


Quote: “they are prompted for the server/exchange credentials”

What kind of credentials do you mean? Do the students' machines join in the domain before launch the outlook?

By default, if the students do join in the domain, they don't have to fill in any credential as exchange will use their domain account to retrieve all the configuration data (Autodiscover). Yet, there would still have several “Next” buttons need to be clicked

If the students didn't join in the domain, the function they are using to autoconfigure the outlook profile would be Outlook Anywhere + Autodiscover, which do need the credentials (The E-mail address and domain password), and also several “Next” buttons

As Andy said, if you want to let the students enter the outlook without any click when launch outlook at the first time, Microsoft Outlook profile (PRF) would be the method


Install Outlook 2007 by using the Office Customization Tool

Create an Outlook Profile File (*.PRF)

Automatically Create an Outlook Profile on Logon

Auto Configure Outlook Profile (Similar case)


College Guy

Just to clarify, I'm taslking about the outlook setup wizard which launches asking you what you want your name to appear as etc.  The autodiscover is working, I'd just like to remove the user's ability to edit the fields which the autodiscover fills in, and the ability for the users to click CANCEL.  I'll take a look at the PRF method.

Thank you.

College Guy

I've resolved this using a wonderful tool called RichProfile.  The beaty of this for us is that it is free for Education use.

It works perfectly, and students no longer have to input any details or click next to setup outlook.
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