Enable 'Forward or Redirect' in OWA after Hiding GAL

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Hi All,

As part of an Exchange 2007 SP1 installation on Windows 2003 SP2 for one of my customers, as his request we hidden the GAL through ADSIEDIT.
The primary reason for this is that he doesn't want users to see all the addresses when sending emails, he wants them  to enter the email address manually.
Now, there is no GAL in Exchange Management Console and in OWA (they way he wanted it to be..).

The issue I'm having is that he wants to enable users to configure email 'Forward or Redirect' option through 'Options > Rules > Create New Rule for Arriving Messages > Forward or Redirect > Forward the message to people or distribution lists'. The problem is that when pressing People or Distribution lists on the left, he gets an access denied message to Active Directory. That's probably because the GAL is hidden.

My question: Is there a way to leave the GAL hidden when creating a new email and still have access to the GAL when creating a 'Forward or Redirect' rule?
Or, is there an option I missed to manually write the forwarded email address without accessing the GAL?

I know I can use DSACLS to restore the permissions to default and see the GAL, but the customer doesn't want to restore it.




Xiu Zhang

I'd like to know how did you hide GAL from ADSIedit? delete CN=Defualt Global Address?Changing the security settings on CN=Defualt Global Address?



Hi Xiu,

I hidden the GAL by changing the security settings on CN=Defualt Global Address.

Changing the security setting back not restoring the GAL. The GAL security settings are restored only after using DSACLS.
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