Outlook 2003 hung when connect to Exchange Server 2003



HI Guys,
I am having some issue on launching outlook 2003 it hung when connecting to Exchange Server 2003. In my environment, I have 2 domain connect to each other with A.com and B.com in different country. 2 different site with same org for exchange 2003. User trying to connect using outlook from location A1 to B.com with B site name and B login ID and password then the outlook start hung. But I am able to connect from different location A2 to B.com with B site name and B login ID and password. I am able to ping B exchange server from location A1 and A2. Able to do telnet to B exchange server with port 25 from location A1 and A2. Then get a complete trace using a tracert on location A1 and A2. From the 3 troubleshooting step, it show that connection from location A1 to B exchange server with B domain is successful but it just hung out when login using outlook. This is more strange that some time can access and some time hung. I am guessing that the connection from location A1 to B exchange server with B domain is slow but how to check? Is there any other tools to troubleshoot? FYI, no issue on connecting location A2 to to B exchange server with B domain using outlook.  


If the network connectivity is slow, then it would be tough.

But alternately we can try the same. Can you confirm, do you see the same behavior with OWA 2003 also?

Just try the basic troubleshooting: Try isolate the issue by checking the following (Make sure you try with Outlook 2003 SP3)

(1) removing large PST files (temporarily) 
(2) try creating a new user profile's

(3) try opening the Outlook in safe mode (outlook /safe)?

Can you try this and let me know - still if you see the same behavior?DeVa, M.S., {MSFT}


Thanks for the reply Deva,

Unfortunately we dont apply OWA feature for user. We are using outlook 2003 SP3.

1 - no pst file attach - result hung
2 - create new outlook profile - someting can access outlook sometime hung after enter ID and pwd
3 - open in safe mode - someting can access outlook sometime hung after enter ID and pwd

when i recreate new outlook profile in entering user ID to resolve the name, i received error msg "The time limit for logging on was reached while waiting for system resource. Try again. MAPI 1.0 [000004C2]" after that the name can be resolved but it will take time.

I am getting this error msg - "Unable to open your default email folder. The Microsoft Exchange Server computer is not available. Either there are network problem or the Microsoft Exchange server computer is down for maintenance. " after enter user ID and pwd in outlook and waited for very long hour 

Is netmon useable to trace any connectivity between outlook and exchange?


From affected client i will try to ping server by name and ip.
Do you use RPC OVER HTTP?
please try below Tool
also checking by telnet to port 135 from one of the affected client. and make sure the firewall is not causing any issue.
In the taskbar select Outlook icon and then press CTRL key and right click on icon and select Connection Status and check what is going on.
I would also run the EXBPA to make sure nothing wrong with server


Thanks for reply VINOD

We didnt use RPC over HTTP service and I am able to ping server name or ip from client pc.

I also can telnet to port 135 from the pc client. No blocking on port 135.

My exchange server no issue because only that area A using outlook is having weir. FYI, i try to use outlook /rpcdiag and the result as below:

server name______type______interface________conn________status_______req/fail________avg resp_________  
     ABC              directory                                    --            connecting                                                               ----- prompt for login ID                         

     ABC              directory           NIC                TCP/IP        established           3/2                    343                      ----- after login (outlook not responding)

     ABC                 mail                                        --            connecting                                                                ----- after login (outlook not responding)

     ABC               referral                                      --            connecting                                                               ----- after login (outlook not responding)

     ABC            public folders                                 --            connecting                                                               ----- after login (outlook not responding)

After the outlook hung it prompt error msg as "Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Unable to open the Outlook window. The set of fodlers could not be opened." 

I read from others forum and they suggesting to uninstall NIC drive then it will resolve. Is that possible?


Look in Task manager to see how many times Outlook.exe is running in proccesses. End each instance of outlook.exe and restart computer.