Entourage 2008 and Default sending character set.

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Kostas Backas

Since we cannot use Apple's default Mail client with Exchange 2007 public folders, we must use Entourage 2008.

The main problem is, that Entourage is not sending messages with Greek characters, unless you manually choosing to send the message using the Greek-ISO format prior to sending. This is located in Format -> Character Set -> Greek ISO.

Is there a way of setting the default character set for sending all messages?




Jon-Alfred Smith

There appears to be no way of setting the default character set for sending all messages. However, this might work:

Simply put into your signature an EURO sign somewhere, give it white color
(= it's not visible) and voilà - it's done. The simple fact that EURO
sign is presented in message is one of the reasons when Entourage
decides to use UTF-8 encoding for it.

This proposal is from this thread
Greek in Entourage

There is a script as well that is supposed to solve your problem. MCTS: Messaging | MCSE: S+M | Small Business Specialist


I am having a similar problem in regards with fractions not displaying correctly in Entourage 2008.  If I change the Character Set to Western European (Windows) then everything looks fine.  So, my solution for this was to create a rule for all messages that changes the Character Set.  So far everything works as it should.  I have one question though, by changing everything to a specific character set am I opening another can of worms?
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