web outlook on iis opening in directory tree

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I was attempting to install PHP on 2003 server php still does not work but now when i try log into web outlook I am being taken to a directory tree after log in. does anyone have any idea what setting to look for to fix this

Rajnish R Sharma

Did you get a chance to have a look into this http://support.microsoft.com/kb/289869

Start Internet Information Manager, right-click the Exchange virtual directory (the default name) under the default Web site, and then click Delete. Click Start, point to Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Services. Right-click Microsoft Exchange System Attendant, and then click Restart to re-create the Exchange virtual directory.

NOTE: You may have to either press F5 to refresh the interface or close and reopen the Internet Information Services (IIS) snap-in. Go back to Internet Information Manager, right-click the Exchange virtual directory, and then click Properties. Click the Virtual Directory tab. In the Application Setting section, click Create, and then click Configuration.

NOTE: If there is a Remove button instead of a Create button, click only Configuration. Click Add, and then in the Executable box, type the path to the Davex.dll file on your file system using the 8.3 naming convention. For example, C:\Progra~1\Exchsrvr\Bin\Davex.dll. Type an asterisk (*) in the Extension box. Click OK and accept inheritance on any other objects if prompted.

NOTE : Make sure you back up your IIS before making any changes

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