Outlook 2007 crashes with image in body of email

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We have an issue where Outlook 2007 will crash "sometime" when a user gets an email that has an image in the body of the email message. It is not a consistent thing so we can't point the finger at any one file type or anything that may be causing this. Basically if an email comes in and there is an image in the body of the email, say from a cut and paste or a screen shot, Outlook crashes when it tries to load the image in the preview pane. The only way to stop it from crashing is either view the image in the web based version of Outlook or send an email to the email account and select the email just sent and the email with the image in the body and delete them out. I have searched the internet for months to see if anyone has been seeing anything similar to this with no luck.

These are XP SP3 PC's with Office 2007 SP2 on them.


Elvis Wei


I suggest you troubleshooting the issue with the following steps:

1. Please disable all firewall and anti-virus software temporarily to check the issue

2. Start outlook in safe mode <Start->Run->outlook /safe> to check the issue

3. Disable all Non-Microsoft Services and reboot PC, see if we can reproduce issue

a. Start->run->msconfig

b. &ldquo;Services&rdquo; tab->check &ldquo;Hide All Microsoft Services&rdquo;->click &ldquo;Disable All&rdquo; Button

c. OK and Reboot, check the issue

4. Please try to keep old mail profile, add the profile again with a different profile name, and check the issue

5. Please try to create a new windows profile, and add the mail profile, see if the issue still persists





Same problem, with copy pasted screenshot since we updated to outlook 2007.

Running outlook in safe mode fixes the problem.


I'm having the same problem. Windows XP Professional SP3 Build 2600 and Office 2007 12.0.6514.5000 SP1 MSO (12.0.6425.1000)
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