User cannot login owa if I select the option 'User must change password at next logon' in exchange 2010

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Joe Liang

If I click the option in AD "User must change password at next logon" then I cannot login owa.
Exchange 2010, Win2008 Sta SP2
In II7, owa authentication is "Basic Authentication". If I unclick the option, then I can login and change password is fine as well.

I google that it is a problem in win2k3 + exchange 2003. Not know how it happen in the exhchange 2010.


Find a solution or get a response from anyone? Have the same issue on our test Exchange 2010 setup. Everything else is working great, and expired password changing is one of the last creases we need to iron out. Thanks.

Joe Liang

I found out that is the domain group policy settings.
Default group policy defines the password change permission. If you keep the change day more than 1 day then you cannot login.
I change the group policy to allow user change passwod in 0 day and it works.


I was having this same issue and here is what fixed it for me.

I have Exchange 2010sp1 on Win2k8r2.

From what I understand you must have Exchange 2010 sp1 installed.

Create a new DWord in the following location called ChangeExpiredPasswordEnabled with a value of 1

HKEY_Local_Machine\system\ConcurrentControlSet\services\MSExchange OWA
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