Outlook 2007 does not display appointments properly

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David A Smith

This may be a question for a different forum but I'm gonna start here.

I have a user with a mailbox on our Exchange 2007 SP1 RU9 CCR mailbox server. In Outlook 2007, when they click on the Calendar shortcut to view their calendar, they cannot see any appointments for the current day. While still viewing the calendar, if they jump to a different day or week and then jump back, the appointments for the day are now viewable.

When viewing their inbox, with the To-Do bar open to show the day's appointments, those appointments are always viewable. This only happens each time they switch to the calendar view.

This does not happen when viewing the mailbox/calendar via OWA. This occurs regardless of client version (2003/2007) and regardless of the machine being used.

I have tried moving the mailbox to a different database as well as various outlook.exe commandline switches.

Short of exporting the mailbox to a PST, deleting the mailbox and recreating it, then importing the PST, does anyone have any suggestions?
Not open for further replies.