Exchange 2007 Linked Mailboxes and Shared Calendars

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Jon-Alfred Smith

Is it possible to make this work? Let's say we have two domains, the resource domain (RES) and the account domain (ACC).

We have these two users: she and he. She and he authenticates in ACC with ACC\she and ACC\he. Both have disabled user accounts in RES: RES\she and RES\he with mailboxes.

Now ACC\he offers to share his Outlook Calendar to She. What happens is, the mailbox is shared to RES\she, not ACC\she. This can easily been seen with PFDAVAdmin (he / Top of Information Store / Calendar /Permissions). The result is: She cannot access He's calendar

Two-way forest trust is in place. I have tried adding She to a domain local group and add that group to the Calendar. Does not work, that is adding does not work.

Has anybody made this work? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!MCTS: Messaging | MCSE: S+M | Small Business Specialist

Jon-Alfred Smith

The two domains are of course within two distinct forests.
MCTS: Messaging | MCSE: S+M | Small Business Specialist


Does the calendar sharing ever work before among the linked mailboxes?

Please see if the issue can be reproduced by using two newly created test mailboxes

The first part of this is making sure the following criteria are met for shared calendar:

1. There is an Enabled account in the user account forest (ACC) (Checked)

2. There is a Disabled account in the resource forest (RES) (Checked)

3. The two forests trust each other (Checked)

4. The Enabled account has been added as Associated External Account with “Full Mailbox” access permission on Disabled account

Notes: There"ll be an attribute named “msExchMasterAccountSid” created on disable RES account, the value of the property is set as the SID of the account in ACC forest

5. The delegate (She) mailbox and mailbox owner (He) mailbox reside on the same server

When we added the permission on shared calendar, the RES/she"s “msExchMasterAccountSid” attribute will be added. When ACC/she tries to access the shared calendar, ACC/she submits her SID and the shared calendar will find the “msExchMasterAccountSid” attribute. It will allow her to access the data. So please check the attribute on the AD user object of RES/he

Does the RES/he an enabled mailbox before? Please try the procedure below:

1. Enable RES/he

2. Remove RES/he from the shared calendar permission list

3. Disable RES/he again

Notes: I would suggest to restart “Information Store” service to make sure store can detect this account is disabled. If it is not possible, please wait at least 2 hours

4. Add RES/he back to the permission list

5. Then, see if the issue is still reproducible

James Luo


Jon-Alfred Smith

Thank you so much for your answer, and awfully sorry for not having kept this thread updated. I'll know more later this evening.

MCTS: Messaging | MCSE: S+M | Small Business Specialist

Jon-Alfred Smith

Now it works! Thanks again for your detailed answer.

MCTS: Messaging | MCSE: S+M | Small Business Specialist


Hi James,

Hope you can guide on this same issue. I have a problem with mailbox user unable to give shared his calendar to linked mailbox user. I'm follow your above instruction but still failed for linked mailbox user to access shared calendar. The error message when link mailbox try to open the shared calendar is " You do not permission to view the calendar, would you like to ask permsiion from mailbox user" . I click yes then mailbox user will received email from link mailbox asking for permission. I click Yes but the permission which allow is only READ. I would like to have link mailbox user to have EDITOR on shared mailbox.

Please advice.
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