The Sent Items folder contains the maximum number of allowed items

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Corey Riley

We're running Outlook 2007 with Exchange 2007 in Cached mode. I have a user who refuses to archive his sent items and has over 4800 items in it. He's receiving a pop-up message that.

" The Sent Items folder contains the maximum number of allowed items. Archive or move some items to another folder. Until space is available, sent messages will be saved in the Outbox folder, but will not be sent again."

This user has no limits on his mailbox. I verified this with get-mailbox and get-mailboxstatistics. The Sent Items folder is a search folder, but I cannot locate where the actual limits are defined or what they are.

Corey Riley

This user doesn't have mailbox quotas applied to him. This seems to be an Outlook Client limit for the amount of items a search folder will display.


What do you mean about “Sent Items folder is a search folder”?

There"s a “Sent Items” folder under the root node of mailbox in the outlook, do you say this folder, or another folder under “Search folders”?

Please find a way to let user archive, or move some mails to another folder at least, and monitor the issue

Although exchange 2007 has increased the item counts to 20,000, the number still depends on the performance of the exchange environment

Understanding the Performance Impact of High Item Counts and Restricted Views

James Luo



Due to the Data Protection Act in the UK, you cannot keep any electronic data that has personal information on it if it is no longer pertinant to your business.

We supply Exchange services so people can send/receive email. It is up to them to manage their email and the fact this user cannot send email is down to their inability to do that.

If they want you to manage their email for them then I would recommend using Managed Folders and create a policy using the Sent Items folder to retain items for no longer than 90 days, after which they get deleted.

Once deleted they will no longer appear in his Search Folder and problem solved. He could always " archive" his items to a .pst file (Not perfect, but Exchange is a messaging system, not a storage facility!)

Just my tuppence.
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