Sharing Nested Contacts in Outlook 2003

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There are some users who have contact folders inside the main Contacts folder in the Outlook 2003 mailbox. They wanted to share al those nested contact folders.
So, I set sharing permissions for the main Contact folder, all nested ones and even put Reviewer permissions on the main mailbox. However, when we try to open the shared contacts, everytime it only shows the main contact folder.

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“You can open only the default Contacts folder. Even if a person has created an additional contacts folder, you can open only the default Contacts folder”

-------Refer to <Open another person's Exchange Contacts>

Workaround: You just need to give &ldquo;Folder visible&rdquo; permission on the root node of the mailbox that shared the folders, and then add the mailbox as an additional mailbox. The nested contact folders will appear in the contact window automatically

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