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Hello -

UserA wants to share calendar with UserB. I select properties on UserA's calendar and go to permissions. I add UserB to the list and give them editor rights, then save and close. I reboot both Users machines. I open UserB's Outlook and open the shared calendar and get the following error "The calendar folder could not be found". I verify that UserB is in the permissions list (and she is, with editor permission).

What could be the problem?

Note: I have taken the exact same steps with a different user (sharing UserC with UserB) and it works. Furthermore, I have tried same steps with yet another user (sharing UserA with UserD) and the same error is reported on UserD's Outlook. Seems like there is something wrong with UserA's calendar (since sharing works with all other scenarios).

Exchange 2007 SP1
SBS 2008 SP1
Outlook 2007 SP2 on all clients



Please check if DACL status is “GOOD” on User A"s calendar by using PFDavAdmin

1. Launch tool on client [Install NET Framework 1.1 at first]

2. “File” menu->”connect”->select “mailbox” to connect->OK

3. Go to User A"s mailbox, right-click the calendar folder->”Folder permissions”

4. Check the “DACL state” on the right-up corner

Please backup all calendar items, remove the default calendar folder on the User A"s outlook, and then launch the outlook with /ResetFolders switch to restore the default calendar folder, see if the issue still persists

Please move the User A"s mailbox into another mailbox database, and then see if the issue still appear

James Luo


Mind IT

I get an error after connecting to the mailbox.

It says "Could not expand https://exchangeservernetbiosname/exchange there is no such object on the server".

The server is an Exchange 2007 server and that path looks like an OWA path for an Exchange 2003 server. If I choose a specific mailbox and put in a custom path it cannot find it either. I tried https://exchangeservernetbiosname/owa and it returned a LONG error. I think the meat of that error is Failed to connect using secure url. The remote server returned an error (440) Login Timeout. Failed to connect using unsecure URL. The server returned and error 404 Not Found.

Please advise.



Is it the exchange 2007 on the SBS 2008 server environment?

“If you are running the Mailbox server role and the Client Access server role on the same computer … The default legacy virtual directories are as follows: /Public, /Exchweb, /Exchange, and /Exadmin”

--------Refer to <Managing Outlook Web Access Virtual Directories in Exchange 2007>

I think the /exchange virtual directory should exist on the exchange server, please refer my suggestions in this thread to create the missing virtual directory

Which version do you have? Here"s the version 2.6

Where do you launch the tool? How did you fill in the &ldquo;Connect&rdquo; window?

Please enable the Anonymous is enabled on the /ExAdmin virtual directory

James Luo


Mind IT

Ultimately had to delete UserA's user account, recreate and setup sharing again.

DACL procedure did not correct the issue.
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