Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2007 Clients and Slow Response

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Is anyone else running Office 2007 client and experiencing slow response with an Exchange 2003 backend. We have seen several postings for slow response. We know if we load Outlook /safe, everything runs faster. We have about 10 products in house that have their own add-ins, but Exchange admistrators have suggested that the most probably cause of the client slow response is the "Microsoft Unified Messaging" UNOUTLOOKADDIN and the Outlook Mobile Service (OMSAddin) and they want us to execute an install of Outlook 2007 client with these features turned off. Problem is we don't see where those features can be turned off, except reghacking.

So if there is actually a problem with such slow response with these, then shouldn't Microsoft address these or give us an option to turn off without having 5000 clients manually turn it off?

Help. Ideas would be fab. Thanks.



What service pack level is Outlook 2007? Is this happening with everyone? How large are the mailboxes? Cached mode or online?

Mark Morowczynski

Are your Outlook 2003 clients having any issues? Is it only 2007?Mark Morowczynski|MCT| MCSE 2003:Messaging, Security|MCITP:EMA 2K7,EDA Win 7,ES,SA,EA|MCTS:Windows Mobile Admin|Security+|


To answer Tim's message:

Service pack is SP2 12.0.6535.5002. It is large and small. Very noticable slow response opening/switching to someone's calendar. If we enter as Outlook /safe in Outlook 2007, everything is very speedy. We do have some addings (Enterprise Vault, Outlook Encryption, Live Meeting, some people have LiveLink--but not everyone), communicator, sharepoint). :)

Cached mode helps a bit, but we have about only 3% in cached mode and would not want to turn that on for everyone. If fact I see a lot of people doing that to make 2007 faster--which to me there is a bug that needs to be fixed then.


To answer your question, we have slow response (slight) with 2003, but it was still there. A lot was done to improve the response, which did happen, but 2007 if significantly slow. Remember that we are running Exchange 2003 on the backend with the Outlook 2007 client.



Hi Skyeyes,

Per your description, the outlook could be faster as safe mode, as we known, in this mode, all the add-in application would not be run, so, it seems that there are too much add-in application cause the issue.

And althrough you use exchange 2003 and outlook 2007, the outlook client could run faster just for email without Add-in application, that is exchange 2003 and outlook all work well.
If we want to confirm the outlook slow reponse with so many add-in application, we must analyze the add-in application's server, work and the connection healthy, it is difficult to analyze the log, it is better to open a ticket from MS.
About how to disable all the user's add-in application, you could use outlook adm to disable all the add-in application. But, it is better wo confirm you do not need the add-in application function.

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