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Hi everybody,

Using Outlook 2007 French with SP2 and XP SP2, a user mail merge using Adobe Acrobat and can see all mails stucked in the outbox with a a clock image on the icone of each email. Of course the delivery delay has not been activated.

It looks like a security feature that prevent a malware from flooding email system but could not find any information on this behaviour !

The following information may be relevant:
the issue raise when mail merging through Adobe Acrobat. It's Adobe acrobat Word add-in that generate the PDF, create an email, attach the generated PDF and set the email address from the indicated field Only some emails are sent immediately. others are delayed (not sure if it is 17 pm but the user reported that) if reciepient are internal (Exchange mailboxes) less users remains. eMail merging to only one internal recipient shows no delay. If internal recipient are mixed with external, the delaying is observed for some internal recipient and many external recipient delayed emails in the outbox show a specific icon : an enveloppe (same apearance as normal unopened email ) with a small clock in a corner of the enveloppe (think it's the lower right corner) if a delayed email is opened from the outbox an the send button is clicked the mail is delivered Only one user is using the mailmerge option and thus exhibiting this behaviour. Th computer used is a very standard one, in a a company with 7 000 PCs. the "delay Message" option is not ticked, and internal recipient seems to be less concerned than external

we are using Exchange 2007 with Outlook 2007

I remember that in previous Outlook versions, when a programm try to send an email a warning message indicate that some application is trying to access outlook. Have this warning removed in Outlook 2007 ? how to configure it ?




The security settings of outlook are still intact for outlook 2007.

Users might receive a warning when an application accesses the Outlook Address Book—for example, when users synchronize a hand-held device with Outlook on their desktop computer.

You may see the below technet artcile on modifying the security settings of outlook

Also, so as i understood from the description, the emails stuck at outbox, and there is a delay in flusing out of emails? If there is a delay, it could be a huge email/ may be with a big attachment. Due to the overlaod, performance issues there could be a delay.
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