calendar items (non re-occuring appointments) are lost/wiped out

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Hi Experts,
One of my VP users, is experiencing issue where all his calendar appointments start vanishing from his Outlook and BB device.
We looked onto Exchange and BES servers respectively but could not avail any evidence for this.
This has happened fourth time with this user where he loses all his non re-occurring appointments from Outlook and BB device. I have restored it couple of times but that doesn"t help if it happens again and againg.
The user has come back again for his calendar issues. Again the same issue, his calendar items (non re-occuring appointments) are lost/wiped out.
Last time we deleted all the OST files from his computer, re-created MAPI, ran some commands with Outlook (like outlook /resetfolders, etc)
Could you please advice further on this as I don"t see anything on server side?


What"s the exchange version, BES server version?

Does the problematic user have delegate and share the calendar?

Can you find the disappeared calendar items from any other folder, like Deleted Items folder?

The calendar items are also disappeared when accessing the mailbox via OWA?

Please also try to use MFCMAPI to check the calendar folder on the user"s machine, see if the items still aren"t in the folder

Notes: Please set outlook to online mode before launch the tool


Description of common scenarios in which Calendar information may be removed from the Calendar or may be inaccurate

How to troubleshoot missing and duplicate appointments in Outlook

Steps to enable Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 Calendar Store tracing

James Luo



can we get this case reopen since today we saw another ocurrence of the issue?

I am unable to reproduce the issue via OWA and/or outlook in safe mode?

Any other suggestions?

Michel Gerber


I have also the same problem which already occured three times.

Everything is wipied out expected recuring appointments.

By users have for one a BB and for the other an Iphone (updated to the last 4.1 iOS).

I was able to find the deleted items in Recover Delete Appointments for the Outook Tools menu.

Autoarchive in disabled, be even with, I doesn't explain the deletion of futur appointments.

PCs have also been checked for wrong date/time (i.e 2011....) but everything is OK.

Some update or tricks how to find what/how/who can have deleted these items.

Thank you everyone.
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