Unable to send or receive e-mails on my Laptop (Desktop works ok) - Outlook 2003

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I have two PC's in my home....a Desktop that is plugged in directly via cable, and a laptop that receives signal via router.

E-mail has been working well on both for a number of years.

My Laptop stopped sending/receiving e-mails two days ago when there was some type of outage at my internet provider, Charter Cable Company (I was able to access web sites, but was not able to send/receive e-mails). My Desktop has not been affected by the outage, it's been working ok and has not had any problems sending or receiving e-mails.

Charter Tech Support confirmed the outage is fixed, and said my e-mail should be working since I am able to access the internet. At that point, Charter Tech Support referred me to Microsoft Support.

Bottom Line: I can pull up web pages on my Laptop, but e-mails will not send or recieve. Outlook tries repeatedly to send and receive, but keeps getting various error messages (examples: "task mail.charter.net sending reported error ox80004005 the operation failed"...."timed out waiting for response from the receiving POP server"...."unable to connect to network"

Any ideas what could be wrong, or how I can check to see if my settings are ok?

I am somewhat novice, and appreciate any advice....Thank you.


Jim McMaster

I have a similar problem, except I appear to be able to send E-mails as I have sent test files to myself and can get them on an alternate compurter. I also sent test to my G-mail account and it again is received both on this and my alternate computer.

The childish interface on the revised msn is not easy for somone used to outlook - also 20 plus years use.

This same problem has occurred 3 times in the past few months.

MSN help service tech spent nearly 2 hours and was not able to reolve this problem (after having done about the same a month ago). I reset my password (using my G-mail account to contact MSN) and will, with much trepidation, try again today. The cost to me of lost time and unreliable MSN service is fast becoming unbearable.



I see that your issue is already resolved, but for the future:

With the exception that my internet provider is Comcast, my set up and symptoms at home are identical to yours in everything you described, including Office 2003 and XP. I was all but cetain the problem was in the e-mail account profile set up for MS Connector, but could not resolve by myself. Spent over two hours today on the phone with MS Help, and they finally resolved but not in the way they preferred. They first deleted my old version of Connector, downloaded Connector 14.0, and established a new account. With the new version of Connector there are no/few manual settings as your account profile is created - it's automated.

Problem came when we began pulling old data into the new account. I wanted the identical layout for my old data/directories, which wasn't working. I think there was an issue in importing data to a "Mappi" based profile vs. my old "pop3" profile.

So they stopped, and went back to attempting to fix the "pop3" profile. As they explained the problem, my security software (Trend Micro) developed some sort of issue with the "pop3" profile. In reading between the lines of what they described, am guessing it has to do with what is suggested in the previous paragraph, that is the older "pop3" configurations vs. the newer "Mappi" config and how the newer Trend Micro releases see it. Possibly this is accurate, but maybe not - I'm a novice, too.

In any event, my next step is to call Trend Micro for them to walk me through their "exceptions" as they related to Outlook 2003 and the older versions of Connector. Hope this helps if you should experience the problem again.

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