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Planning stages of a brand new installation. Exchange Enterprise 2010 will be installed on Server 2008 R2 Enterprise. A few roles will be installed on a second server. Do Exchange 2010 roles need to be installed on Server Enterprise or Standard or doesn't it matter?


Anil K Singh


You can install HUB/CAS role with STD edition and also mailbox server, But if you go for High Avalibilty feature like DAG (Database avalibility Group) then you must use ENT version.



If we go with DAG's will we need 2008 server enterprise edition on all servers or just the mailbox server?



If we go with DAG's will we need 2008 server enterprise edition to be installed on all servers (role servers) or just on the mailbox server?


You will just need windows 2008 enterprise edition on the mailbox servers that you want to be members of the DAG. Any other servers can run on standard edition server.
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