How to delete server members from cas array

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Atif Baig

I would like to delete one server from my car array memebers ? is there any way I can delete one server from my car array memeber list ?

all CAS servers are on the same site.

please help ASAP.

Thanks in advance..


You just need to remove the CAS server from your NLB cluster. I'm assuming you are using NLB. If you are using some other sort of load balancer, then use it and remove the server from the array. Here is a link and a blurb to help you:

To remove a host or all hosts from a Network Load Balancing cluster

To open NLB Manager, click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then click Network Load Balancing Manager. You can also open NLB Manager by typing Nlbmgr at a command prompt.

If Network Load Balancing Manager does not list the cluster, connect to the cluster.

To remove a single host, right-click the host on which you want to disable Network Load Balancing, and click Delete Host.

Atif Baig

We are using an F5 Load Balancer. Only two of the three are configured for the F5. Question is when we run get-clientaccessserver it shows three of our CAS servers. We want to remove the other CAS server that is dedicated for OWA. Is there a way of doing this or is it automatic based on where the CAS servers reside.

Atif Baig

when I do [PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-ClientAccessArray

Name Site Fqdn Members
---- ---- ---- ----- Internal CAS Array AD-Site casarray.contoso.local {SRVCS01, SRVCS02, SRVEXCS01}

I would like to remove SRVEXCS01 from the member list. how I can do that? We are not using NLB.


The "Members" attribute of the get-clientaccessarray cmdlet will list all Exchange 2010 CAS servers in the local AD site. IE, the only way to have it not be listed is to uninstall the CAS role. The F5 Load Balancer(or WNLB for those of you using WNLB) is what determines what gets used, not the members list. If you removed SRVEXCS01 from the F5 Load Balancer then it should no longer get hit. The only exception to this is if the RPCClientAccessServer attribue for any of your mailboxe databases is pointing directly at that server instead of the CASArray.

Here, run this command:

get-mailboxdatabase | ft name,rpcclientaccessserver

The RPCClientAccessServer value should be the FQDN of your CASArray. If you are retiring the SRVEXCS01 system, the combination of removing it from NLB and making sure it is not listed as the RPCClientAccessServer for any of your databases will do the job. Just have to make sure your your not directing users to it through it's direct IP/FQDN and should be good to go.

If none of that helps, maybe you could share the big picture of what you are trying to do. If this answers your question or was helpful, well..Mark it as answered :)

Hope it helped,


Brian Day MCITP [MVP]

This is correct. The members shown with Get-ClientAccessArray are only returned as they are CAS members within that particular AD site the array is configured for. The members shown are not actually being used automatically, as that is controlled by you and how you configure your load balancer.

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Hi Atif,
If you run get-clientaccessarray [-Identity <ClientAccessArrayIdParameter>], you could get the specific casarray members.
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