view internet headers



Is there a way of viewing the internet headers of a message without opening it? Doesn't seem a wise move to be opening potential malware.

Ganesh Kumar N

The best way is to create a view source icon in the Office ribbon using the following steps:

1. Right-click on the ribbon and choose Customize the Ribbon

2. In order to add a new button to the ribbon, a new group needs to be created

3. Click the New Group button, rename the Group and ensure it is selected

4. Then select "All Commands" under "Choose commands from", scroll down and select "Message Options" and then click Add

5. Click OK to switch back to Outlook

6. Now select the required email from the list of emails

7. Click on the Message Options button added using step 4 in the ribbon

Note: once you click on the "Message option" on the ribbon you will get a Properties window. Under Internet headers option you can view the source code. Also remember the group name, to be able to locate it on the ribbon.

Ganesh Kumar N


Hello again,

Just a follow up it possible to customize the rigth-click (context) menu to do this?