Outlook sends and receives, freezes, works, freezes works

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so....riddle me this:

What popular email, contact directory and calendar applications has had consistent issues since way back when and yet there's no simple fix?

If you answered Outlook your win the prize.

Outlook 2003 starts up, starts to download the morning mail. Freezes. Not responding. Wait, wait, wait, vsmon.exe runs, buncha stuff runs...then...whoops, lurching forward...whoops, freeze.

It takes maybe eight minutes to download 50 email at 10 Mbps....every time.

then when you get mail during the day,....the whole machine freezes...until outlook has finished.

Lets see.

Diagnosis. In box too full. Nope. archived almost everything

Bad internet connection. Nope constently at 10 mbps

Virus. Nope. ZoneLabs up to date and scanned.

Firewall. Nope. ZL configged.

Not enough processor power

Nope duo core 3ghz

Ram? 4 gb

OS? XP Sp3 up to date.

Outlook SP Nope Upto date.

Run repair. Yep done that.

Secret finger handshake. Oh wait. haven't tried that....any suggestions oh great gurus of all things microsoft????

I don't know much about technology. For my money I just expect it to work.


Can you try disabling ZoneAlarm's Junk E-mail/scanning integration into Outlook? Also, if you are running the Mail Frontier firewall app, try disabling that too. If your performance improves, we may have isolated the culprit.

Also, what kind of mail account do you have configured (and how many?)? POP3? Exchange? IMAP?

What add-ins do you have loaded? Try disabling any suspect ones or ones that you don't use.

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