DKIM and Exchange 2010

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How do I get Exchange 2010 to send to Yahoo and other clients that use DKIM? What does everyone do to get there Exchange servers around this, currently anything I send to Yahoo ends up in the spam folder.


After much searching in the past, i only found one solution:

I'm using it with great success. But it doesn't guarantee you that your emails won't pe classified as spam by Yahoo.
As everybody knows, Yahoo has the most stupid anti spam engine. I get mostly spam in my Inbox and mostly good mail in my Junk folder.
They should learn from Gmail.


I have that email architect software installed on my Exchange server, created the keys, switched over to my DNS server and created the TXT records as instructed, switched back and tested them and they pass the test in the software, but all messages still end up in the yahoo spam folder, when I check the message header in Yahoo it shows... domainkeys=permerror (no key);; dkim=permerror (no key). I also have a SPF record on Godaddy which passes. I even made sure the keys security settings allow everyone and anonymous users, in case it was an authentication issue. The same e-mails show up in gmail, AOL, and hotmail without issue. This yahoo thing has cost me two days, and unfortuantely several outside correspondents are on Yahoo for the company I am working for, and I am sure they want their e-mail campaigns to include yahoo users. This kind of stuff is so frustrating.


Thanks for your help guys here is an update:

Exchange 2010 does not support DKIM/DomainKeys (This is a Yahoo owned Spam filter) so Installed emailarchitect DKIM/DomainKeys IIS on my Exchange server (which after the trial is an additional $300 expense), followed the instructions for generating the Keys, and installed them to my Public DNS under godaddy full DNS control as TXT files. The Keys now Pass since they are on the Public facing DNS as opposed to the Internal DNS on my Domain Controller.

Earlier today I also created an SPF file under Godaddy full DNS control as well which had passed.

Last week I created a Reverse DNS/PTR record with my ISP which took a few days to be verified.

Email works successfully with Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, but even with authentication passing Yahoo! mail still throws it in the spam folder.

So after two days of messing with this nonsense I filled out the Postmaster form to see if they will allow me through their ridiculous spam filter. We shall see how fast they address this issue.

You can always open the e-mail and select the non-spam button, if your primary use is internal contacts that can be made aware of the issue, but if your need to contact Yahoo addresses is for e-mail campaigns etc. this is not an adequate solution.

So all in all as most have said Yahoo is extremely difficult to deal with.


I was hoping to get clarification on possible DKIM integration into exchange 2007 or possibly 2010.

I'm guessing from your response that w/o a third party app Microsoft won't support DKIM?

From this technet link it looks like M$ is trying to stonewall DKIM? Why wouldn't they integrate DKIM into exchange?

Can someone tell me the benefit of SIDF over DKIM or rather why implementing DKIM is a bad idea?

Mike Crowley

Only time I ever hear about dkim is in reference to yahoo! No, Microsoft doesn't use it. not in 2007 or 2010.

it's not that dkim is a bad idea, its just that Microsoft has chosen numerous other ways to solve the anti-spam problem which don't require the extra configuration.

Mike Crowley
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