Use New-MailboxExportRequest as a scheduled task

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I have a client that has one new exchange 2010 server that has all three main roles on it. They have a linux based antispam/antivirus email gateway between the exchange server and the internet. They cannot afford a third party backup solution so they are using a Windows Server 2008 scheduled daily backup. They would like to have a brick layer mailbox backup solution as well. My solution is to use New-MailboxExportRequest commandlet. I want to use New-MailboxExportRequest to export multiple mailboxes to PST's on the local file system and let Windows backup back those up. My problem is I need to script the New-MailboxExportRequest commandlets to do this and schedule the script to run daily before the backups whick take place very fast. 100+GB in less than an hour. I do intend to get more learned in the exchange management shell, but I have a deadline for this task. Can someone help with a script sample I could use?

Thanks in advance.



I have not really an answer to your question but what about "recovery database"? Its much more work to recover data than bricklevel backup but at least it is a possibility:

You have to:

- recover the complete Database to a Recovery Database

- use eseutil to make it clean shutdown

- use powershell ot get the complete mailbox as subfolders in the original mailbox

For me it is a big "plus" that you have somthing like a test that your normal backup works included.

here is an explantion how to do this:


Thanks for the reply. That is the current recovery solution until I can figure out how to implement my idea above.



Steve Goodman [MCITP]



Thanks Steve. It works like a charm. Although I had to figure out the best place to run these from. I chose the C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Bin folder. So I just copied both there, edited the PS1 file to work with my environment, and scheduled the cmd file to run nightly @ 9:00PM, two hours before the daily backup. I tested it and it took 1 hour to export all the mailboxes to a local folder using UNC \\servername\pstexports. It local it never leaves the machine. Perfect solution for a small business. And looking at the PS1 script it seems pretty simple too. (Meaning I can read it and tell what it does.) Not sure I'm skilled enough yet to come up with it on my own. I'll get there. Thank you very much.


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