Failed to find the address type 'SMTP:AMD64' during cross-forest mailbox move

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While migrating mailboxes from a 2003 Org in a seperate forest to an Exchange 2010 org, I'm presented with the following warning in the completed Move Request:

Warning: Unable to update AD information for the source mailbox at the end of the move. Error details: An error occured while updating a user object after the move operation. --> Failed to find the address type object in Active Directory for address type "SMTP:AMD64".

I've checked the Address-Types listed for the Exchange 2003 Org, and sure enough this address type is missing.

What is the proper way to update the Address-Types?

Will adding this Address-Type resolve the legacy mailbox move?


This is a known bug in the new-moverequest when migrating between forests. I worked this case with Microsft PS and was provided this solution.

I have implemented it with success.

The fix for this issue is in SP1.



-This issue is resolved with Exchange 2010 SP1.

-As a "Workaround" you can create the "SMTP:AMD64" Address Type object in your E2k3 forest, using matching values from the object in your E2k10 Forest.

-To simplify this process you can use LDP.EXE to drill down to the DN of the "SMTP:AMD64" Address Type object on a DC in your E2k10 Forest:

-Example of DN:

“CN=SMTP:AMD64,CN=Address-Types,CN=Addressing,CN=First Organization,CN=MicrosoftExchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=B30,DC=LAB”

-Copy this data to notepad to use for the values in creation of the new object in your E2k3 forest.

-You can use ADSIEdit.msc to get all the values as well, and will have to for FileVersion.

Use ADSIEdit.msc to create a new "Object"

For "Select a class:" choose "addrType"

For "Attribute: cn" type "SMTP:AMD64"

For "Attribute: proxyGeneratorDLL" type, "inproxy.dll"

For "Attribute: fileVersion" type, <Value displayed in ADSIEdit.msc for this attribute in your E2k10 Forest>

(I had to use ADSIEdit.msc in the E2k10 forest to get this value. In LDP it just shows as "Binary Blob".)

I first had to locate the FileVersion attribute, select Edit, then Edit value as: and select "Hexadecimal"

I then copied the value: 02 00 B4 00 01 00 0E 00

I then manually converted this to 0x02 0x00 0xb4 0x00 0x01 0x00 0x0e 0x00

I then entered this value for "File Version"

Select Next, select Finish

Force AD Replication in the E2k3 Forest

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