When trying to access my 'Inbox', it says 'Loading' but no messages appear.

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When I click on my "Inbox", to access my incoming e-mails, I get a message that says "Loading" but no messages appear - just a blank screen saying "Loading". Also, when I try to send a created e-mail to my "outbox", it goes into my "draft" folder and never gets sent. Help!

Natasha Dsouza

What type email account are you using in outlook (POP, IMAP, Exchange, MAPI)?

Create a new personal folder referring the steps mentioned below and check if that resolves the issue:

Click on control panel > click on the 'mail' icon > click on 'data files' > select 'add' > create a new personal folder > highlight it and click 'set as default' > click close.

Now re-open Outlook and check if you are able to access the application.


I'm not terribly computer-literate, so I don't know what type email account I'm using. I have a dial-up ISP, if that answers your question.

I'll try the new personal folder you suggest - thank you.


As to resetting the view on the Inbox - I don't understand what you mean by clicking on the row of field names and choosing Custom, then Reset. I can't find what you're describing -- I'm not terribly computer-literate, as I mentioned. Thank you for more specific information.
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