Enable to access outlook 2003 even in safe mode and is giving an error message that Business Contact Manager has encountered a problem

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I click on the icon to open outlook like i always do, this time a box comes up Business Contact Manager. Business Contact Manager has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost. (BOX with a check mark) Restart Business Contact Manager. Send Error Report ot Don't Send. I have choosen both and have unchecked the box and what happens every time is the Error Reporting box shows up and says Thank you for taking the time to report this pronblem. I click the OK button then another box appears saying Outlook failed to start correcty last time. Starting Outlook in safe mode will hlp yu correct or isoloate a startup problem in order to successfully start the problem.......Do you want to start in Safe Mode. Yes or No. I say yes and the system loops and will not open and asks me the same questions all over again. I try again, again and will not open. I tryed finding the answer in the help section online and I have had no luck. Please help. This is my work email. Melissa

Ezil Vinoth

Do you use Business Contact Manager? If you do not use Business Contact Manager, you can uninstall BCM which will fix the issue.

To uninstall BCM, follow the article and install "Windows Installer Clean up Utility" using which you can uninstall BCM.


Under the Resolution in the above article you have the download MSICUU2.EXE, click on that and download "Windows Installer Clean up Utility"

Once installed, follow the steps below:

1. Click on start> All programs> Windows installer clean up

2. In the Window, scroll down to highlight BCM and click remove.

3. Close all the windows and open Outlook

If you are using BCM, then try to repair BCM following the steps below.

1. Click on start> control panel> Add\Remove programs

2. Click on Business Contact Manager and click change.

3. Select repair and click continue

4. Close when completed and open Outlook and check.


I have tried the resolution link but kb/295823 does not identify the download to uninstall BCM, I have the same problem as Melissa and therefore need to remove BCM as I do not use this programme.

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