How do I recover Outlook calendar and contacts from an hard drive backup image?

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Outlook 2007, installed new OS Win 7.

I decided to simply import Outlook contacts and calendar from my cell phone running mobile 6.1. The Wizard asked question "do you want to 'get' data on mobile device?" responded yes (very bad phrasing of question!). Wiped out all data on cell phone. Wizard phrasing should have been "do you want to 'put' data on mobile device". Answer NO! Wow--I lost everything.

I have an backup copy of the hard drive right before the OS upgrade. I never did a formal Outlook backup. So, can I recover my Outlook 2007 data from this hard drive backup using files that Outlook 2007 routinely keeps?

I am running Outlook 2007 both before and after--that has not changed.


Hi Brian,

During the OS upgrade, the Win 7 installer created a folder named "Windows.old" which had a copy of the PST file. I was able to point Outlook to it and now all is fine.

Thanks for the help!

Brian Tillman

If I were doing this, I'd move the PST to a folder under Documents rather than allowing it to remain in Windows.old.
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