Unable to get rid of Mailbox Full

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Yesterday I migrated the first mailbox (my own) from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010.

I was not aware that mailbox quota is now a database property, and my mailbox is 255MB above default limit. So I got a Mailbox Full warning after restarting my Outlook 2010 client, fair enough.

First thing I did was raising the limits on the database - same warning. Next thing was removing all quota from my account, still no luck.

Since yesterday I have unmounted and mounted the database, restarted all client access and mailbox servers (2 members of a DAG), migrated my mailbox back to 2007, migrated again to 2010, rebooted my client PC. Next must be something with chicken blood.

When I start my Outlook 2010 i get " Mailbox Full - Your mailbox is full, you may not be able to send or receive mail" . Fact is that I can still send and receive.

When I open new mail there is a warning that " Your mailbox will be full after sending this email message. You may not be able to send messages until you remove items from the mailbox." Despite this the mail and the next one is sending fine.

This is very annoying, what can I do to make my quota changes for database and/or mailbox apply?

Ole Thomsen

AndyD_ [MVP]

Does Exchange think you are overlimit?

Check with this PS command:

Get-MailboxStatistics <youralias> | fl StorageLimitStatus

If so, then you have set something wrong somewhere. I would re-check everything.

If it shows you are under limit, then try creating a new Outlook profile, or delete the .ost in Outlook if in cache mode, or set Outlook to online mode or check via OWA and see if you still get warnings.


Cached mode seems to be the root of the error.

Right after posting it occurred to me that OWA had not given any warnings, and I tried starting Outlook 2007 (non-cached) from one of our terminal servers - no warning.

After that I disabled cached mode on my Outlook 2010 client and the error disappeared. Activating cached mode again on the same .ost brought the warning back.

Solution was disable cached mode, delete .ost and reenable cached mode. The cache file must somehow have the false quota information stuck.

Thanks for all input.

Ole Thomsen
Not open for further replies.
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