Outlook Users 50% resource and won't retrieve email

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Toshiba Satellite Laptop with Office 2003. Plenty of RAM and hard disk space. Running Kaspersky Antivirus

Outlook regularly stops retrieving email. When I look at the Task Manager it shows Outlook using 50% resources. If I force it closed, then another program, often Explorer, also shows using 50% resources. Sometimes it closes ok to restart, other times all the programs freeze. Often the only way out is to crash windows, restart then restart Outlook.

Any ideas? This is driving me mad.



Hi guys

Many thanks for your help but running in Safe mode made no difference. The send/retrieve process goes part way through and then stalls. Everything else seems to work ok.

The email accounts are POP accounts and I have about 6 POP accounts that it clears.

I have also disabled the addins anyway and that doesn't seem to help. Once it gets itself in this situation the only alternative is to re-boot.

Hope you can help.


Ruchi Bisht

Did you check in clean boot?

Start the system in clean boot as suggested by Dj Hab and check if it works fine.

Ruchi Bisht


Hi Ruchi & Dj Hab

I tried the clean boot process. Outlook seemed to work ok in that mode and ran well for a day or so.

When Outlook does play up and I have to reboot the PC to get it going the following programs won't close.

Servers (i think this is my Steam gaming app)

Greatly appreciate your help with this.


Ruchi Bisht

Now perform an Advanced Clean-boot to verify which start-up service is causing this issue.

Important: read the disclaimer in the above link before performing the steps.

Note: Once the troubleshooting is done, enable Normal Start-up

Ruchi Bisht
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