can't email a file (pdf, word, publisher) becasue the email program won't start

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When I try to email a pdf, word or publusher document what comes up is "(Publisher or word if it is a publisher or word file) could not start the email program. Check your net work connection. Make sure Office is installed correctly, your email program is set up correctly and that you can connect to your email server"

I can send and receive email normally.

I have repaired and reinstalled Office professional 2003

I just can't select a file in my documents and email it to anywhere.


Ezil Vinoth

Do you use Outlook 2003 to send/receive emails?

If yes, did you set it as the default email client for Windows?

Try the following steps to set Outlook 2003 as default mail client and verify the status:

Method 1:

1. Click on start> Default Programs

2. Click on "Set your default programs"

3. Click on "Microsoft Outlook" and click "set this program as default"

4. Click on Ok and check with Outlook

Method 2:

1. Open Outlook

2. Click on Tools>Options> Other

4. Check 'Make Outlook the default program"

5. Click OK, close and restart Outlook and check

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