Failed over to passive server and now some phones can't sync with mailboxes. Others do just fine.

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Seattle Mike

We failed over to the passive copy of the database and couldn't get things to fail back without reseeding the database, which is currently in progress. However, a few smartphones, HTC Touch Pro 2 in particular, don't sync with activesync anymore. I have removed and reconfigured the activesync settings without any luck. the error is 0x80072f17 on the phone. Other phones using activesync have no issue. I don't think we have all the certificates needed on the backup server. Do i need to purchase certs for it, or would it be better to set up a windows cert server and start issuing my own? Or is ther some other possible work around. is there something i need to get installed on the smartphones that might get things working?




Please detail the CAS server environment as this is the role that ActiveSync uses to deliver data to the mobile phones. Also please detail the entire environment, server placement, roles, etc as well as if you have a CAS Array setup and are you using ISA/TMG or any other web proxy?

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Seattle Mike

2 servers with MB, CAS and HT. one in Portland, one in Seattle. Portland was the passive copy as it is our DR site. No ISA, no Web Proxy.

Not sure what you want for CAS server environment. It is EX2010 Ent RU3, running on Windows 2008 R2 Ent.

The active copy failed over to Portland on sunday. Only this one model of phone has issues, other smartphones such as Sprint EVO have no issues.


mitch roberson

How is your namespace planned. and what is the operating system version on the HTC's. I believe that model is 6.5 but not positive some of the older versions of windows mobile have some challenges.

do all phones come in to seattle first then go over to portland? or does portland have it's own external connectivity.

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Seattle Mike

not sure what you are asking about namespace.

I don't know the operating system. I should have one later today. Most of these phones are farily new, i just replaced one last week for one of the folks having problems.

Yes they would hit a firewall here nad then are redirected to Portland.


mitch roberson

Can you review the event viewer on the CAS server to see if there are any events that give you an indication of what is going on.

Also you may want to turn up logging. you can do a get-eventloglevel to see what log events you can set. I would move everything with active sync in the name to expert level logging and try to see what is going on.

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Is the RpcClientAccessServer field on the databases set to a Cas Array? Or is the value the old mailbox server?

Seattle Mike

It is not set to the old 2003 server. anyway, installed the Entrust cert and then used the EMS enable-exchangecertificate -services IIS cmdlet and that fixed it for everyone.MC
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