Re: Unexpected error [0x786ADB6B] while executing command 'Get-MailboxDataBase -IncludePreExchange20

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I was really hoping that someone might have some idea what is going on with that command. This is my first time on the forums because after diligent searching I can always find the answer somewhere, but now that I am really stumped, it seems everyone else is too. :(


The answer was something really obvious... Apparently there was a vestigial database entry hidden in the directory from a previous install on EX01 so I missed it when looking for any oddities. But I went ahead and removed EX01 and noticed the entry remained. I deleted the entry and the error disappeared.


I'm having this exact same problem but can't locate where to delete the Exchange server from, I assume it's somewhere in ADSIedit but can't find it.

Muhammad Atif Rafat

Hi DMartinez,

I am facing the same problem right now . Please would you like to tell me where are the locations i have to search to delete the vestigial database entires.

Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Muhammad Atif Rafat

Muhammad Atif Rafat

HI Elben,

I have solved this problem now.

As DMartinez said i removed old entires of my phantom exchange mailbox server with ADSIEDIT and problem resolved.

for your reference the path to find entries in ADSIEDIT is







CN=SERVERS ( delete phantom/dead exchange server all entries)

CN=DATABASES ( delete mailbox database for phantom/dead exchange)

I hope this will resolve your problem.

Thanks & Regards,

Muhammad Atif Rafat
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