Marked as read cannot synchronize between Outlook and hotmail?

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My hotmail account is created using Outlook Connector, once the emails are loaded into Outlook from hotmail server, when I mark some hotmail within Outlook as read, and perform send/receive for synchronizing with hotmail server, but web-based hotmail cannot those emails as read at all.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

Natasha Dsouza

Download the latest version of Outlook connector from the download link below:

Remove and add the msn account through outlook connector.

Refer the link below to remove the email account.

If the issue still persists then delete the OST files from the following location and then add the account.

To display file extension refer the link below:

Click on Start > run > type the command bellow


Click ok > Delete the .ost files in the folder location

And now re-add the hotmail accounts through outlook connector.
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