Microsoft Outlook, configured twice, lost emails

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Yesterday I configured for the first time OUTLOOK 2007. I used my AOL email account and everything was transferred over fine, leaving my AOL account without any emails; all went to my OUTLOOK account. I closed the icon for OUTLOOK at bottom of screen and I could not open it the next day. All my emails were gone. I couldn't open OUTLOOK again and I couldn't retrieve them from AOL any more. So I reconfigured OUTLOOK from the start menu using same AOL account. My mail from overnight was transferred into OUTLOOK account, emptying my AOL account again, but my originalk 241 emails are still missing.



Brian Tillman

The last time I checked, AOL allows only IMAP accounts. That means the messages stay on the server and do not get deleted when pulled into Outlook. What kind of account did you define?

If you used a POP account, then your messages will be in the PST you created when you set up the account. When you created a new profile the second time, you created another new PST instead of just using your existing PST. Add the other PST to your mail profile and you'll have all your past messages. See this for guidance:

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