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Because I own a Blackberry, the help desk had me create a separate address book called “Contact in Personal Folders” in order to sync with Outlook. The Outlook default adds and changes a separate address book called “Contacts.”

So when I add or update my blackberry and sync it to Outlook, it updates the “Contact in Personal Folders”

When I add an address from an email it updates the “Contacts” folder. The end result is I have two separate and different lists.

My question is; how I sync the two folders/address list without creating duplicates or deleting the most update contact info?


Diane Poremsky

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Outlook 2016 32 bit
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What type of email account do you have? If you have an outlook connector account you can't sync its contacts with the BB. You can set the BB's contact folder as the one to save new contacts to.

See - the first screen shot is where you need to make the change.

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