synching office 2010 with a smartphone

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Any that use active sync should work as long as you don't use 64bit or click to run install. Companionlink software fills in with other phones.

iphones should also sync ok, same deal though- no 64bit or click to run.

When is Microsoft going to produce a fix so that Office 2010 64bit can be synced with smartphones? Office 2007 & Office 2003 sync with smartphones. I bought Office 2010 as an upgrade to Office 2003 and find it is no use to me. Nowhere was it printed and no one told me office 2010 did not have this feature. The squeaks of early adopters like me are going to turn into a roar just as the iPhone 4 problems have.


Office 2010 DOES have this feature. Just not in the 64bit version. As 2010 is supplied in 64 and 32 bit versions on the same disc the solution is obvious. 2003 and 2007 only came in 32bit version, so you have always previously used 32bit.
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