I Accidently Deleted One of My Email Accounts and lost all email. There is no restore point to go back to, as it just happened. I need to find the ema

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I had stopped using Outlook 2003 when we purchased another laptop. My hard drive crashed on the other, but I had some older backups. After several months of checking email accounts I setup Outlook 2003 again, restored one of the backups and then had it pull all my accumulated email from my accounts.

After just downloading 1300 messages to my inbox, I was looking under tools then email accounts. I saw there were 2 accounts with the same name except one was in caps and said it was a MAPI type. I had just started using Outlook 2003 after 15 months of using a different laptop and finally getting it set up in it. I deleted the one that said MAPI and all of my email went with it. I know it has to still be here. Please someone help me with this.

Sachin Shetty

MAPI account type is usually supported for Hotmail and MSN (Windows Live) email accounts in Outlook using Outlook Connector.

Removing a POP account from Outlook never deletes the emails from Outlook. MAPI account for Windows Live emails sync information both ways (Outlook to web and web to Outlook). Try to login to webmail and verify if the emails are still available. If it is then configure the Windows Live email using Outlook Connector in Outlook and then remove the other duplicate.


Is there any way to restore the Outlook to a previous point before the email account was deleted so that it is back in Outlook (essentially eliminating any of the changes that were affected by deleting that email account)?
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