Exchange 2010...Is this possible?

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Here's my Exchange 2010 puzzle: I have users that log on to our system using Smartcards. Their username and password assigned to the smartcard is very cryptic (we don't use certificate-based auth). I would like to create a user-friendly username and password solely to manage the mailbox assigned to the smartcard account via OWA (this way, they don't need a smarcard USB reader to check email at home/on the road).

So, summary:

1. User account assigned to Smartcard has Exchange mailbox

2. Create a secondary user account (or some type of alias) that is able to manage the Exchange mailbox for the Smartcard user account via OWA

How can I do this?
Thanks so much guys!


First, decide on a permission model.

Exactly what permissions to the smartcard user's mailbox are you going to delegate?

Since you're creating a theoretically less secure account, you should think about minimizing what you expose to that user account.

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I don't think that permissions model has anything to be done here, what I can think of is creating normal secondary account and then assign that secondary account full mailbox access on the cryptic account.

how does that sound

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Busbar -

Creating the secondary account would still require that the user log in through OWA, "Open another user's mailbox", and choose the SmartCard account. This would be an acceptable solution if there was a way to have the Smartcard user's account open automatically(appear as the primary account) for the secondary user through OWA.

Is this possible?


Just reading this what is the final verdict here, as its it:

1) create a 2nd account and assign it mailbox rights to the original mailbox?
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