Facebook Social Connector only works some of the time on Outlook 2010

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Sometimes the Facebook social connector works and sometimes it does not. I have 3 people so far that are on both linkedIn and Facebook. The linkedIn account shows up for them but the facebook account info does not. I know the Facebook connector is working because it works for lots of other people. I know that the 3 friends I am having the problem with do not have high security settings on their FB accounts.

Is there any place in the Contact settings for my friends where I can force it to recognize their FB accounts?



That's what I thought so I made sure I have all of their email addresses listed in their outlook profile. Still doesn't pick them up?

Stefan Krueger [MVP]

It looks like the social connector only uses the first e-mail address that's listed in the outlook contact. If their LinkedIn or Facebook e-mail address matches a contact's second or third e-mail address in the outlook address book, the connector doesn't recognize it. At löeast this seems to be the case for me. Is there a workaround?

Often peole use a secondary e-mail address (like someone@hotmail.com) in social networks instead of their primary address (likesomeone@company.com) but I don't want to switch the order in Outlook because I usually send e-mail to their primary address. Also some people use different e-mail address for Facebook and LinkedIn which makes it impossible to connect to both profiles.

Stefan Krueger, Microsoft MVP - Windows Installer, www.InstallSite.org

Brian Richards

It's definitely a problem for me too. And it's not just the order of the emails. Moving their facebook email to email #1 in the contact makes no difference. Deleting the contact and recreating it also makes no difference. Creating a whole new Outlook profile makes no difference. It's completely inconsistent.

And it's frustrating because, of course, it is affecting the several contacts whose status info I most want to have show up!!!

Edit, also uninstalling and reinstalling the fb connector makes no difference.
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