How to re-download dowlnoaded emails from server?

Discussion in 'Using Outlook' started by LucaE, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. LucaE


    Hello to everyone,

    after some browsing the forum I couldn't find this issue I'm having so I'm now posting it here:

    Lots of emails on my web accounts, and I'm learning to use Outlook 2007, no previous experiences with prior versions.

    Lack of experience brings about extra care in order to prevent losses of emails in the process.

    So I tick the option to "Leave a copy of messages on the server", connect to it, download just some emails, check the dowloaded emails offline, arrange some rules, everything's fine.

    I then delete inside Outlook those few emails because they were only a test; the copies of all emails are on the online server, and now I'm going to download them all, using the rules I just set up.

    But quite to my disappointment when I tell Outlook to 'receive' again, the process runs but no emails are downloaded: It seems that Outlook somewhat remembers which emails it already dowloaded, in order not to download them again.

    Which is exactly what I want, instead.

    Entering the email account via the web access, all emails are there, and all of them appear in 'read' status, while most of them were in 'not read' before. It seems that Outlook turned them all to 'read' even if I stopped it after only a few were actually downloaded.

    Does it mean that Outlook reads their status on the online server, and dowloads only those marked 'not read' on the server? I test it by creating a couple of new emails on the server, and then opening just one through web access, so one appears in 'not read' status and the other in the 'read' status... both of them get downloaded by Outlook regardless, so it'd mean the datum of whether an email has already been downloaded ought to be within Outlook or in local stuff anyway, isn't it?

    Browsed Outlook menus and help for a while, tried to set a new data file for the email account, but to no avail, so... help please!

    To cut it short, then:

    If I download an email from online account into Outlook, while leaving its copy on the server, and then delete it in Outlook while the copy remains on the server, how do I re-download it from server to Outlook?

    Indeed I've found some having the opposite issue: how to prevent duplication; afraid that's just the reverse. Wonder whether any other learner might have that same one.

    Lots of thanks in advance!

  2. larry


    Senior Member
    Whether mails get marked read online when downloaded by POP3 is a feature of the mail server. Some servers will mark them read - because they were downloaded once, the server assumes you saw them. Outlook doesn't care about the read/unread status online, it tracks mesages on its own. It knows the last downloaded message and has its own read/unread state.

    to redownload mail you need to make a new account in outlook - you could probably delete the mailbox manager hidden message using MFCMAPI. Note that you will redownload everything - you can't tell it to only re-download some.
  3. LucaE


    Dear Larry:


    Great! This is just what I needed. Thanks a looooot!

    So, it seems that the datum of which emails are already downloaded is associated with the account.

    Quite useful to know.

    You really saved me with just one sentence, thank you very very much for such a fast and perfect help! Magic!

    So, whenever I need to test and re-download already downloaded emails, all it takes is creating a new Outlook account for the same email account, and that's it!

    As to this, I'm afraid I'm a bit of a learner, and thus I do not know what the mailbox manager hidden message and MFCMAPI are. Fortunately it wasn't needed to study them to solve the current problem, but I'm always interested in going further, so if you think the above are important items, I'll study them as well.

    Again, thanks a huge lot!:)

  4. catherized


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    It all depends on your needs. If you don't want to make a new account for some reason, Larry's suggestion could work (I've never tried it, i make new accounts).

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