Internet Calendar Subscriptions.pst bloating file size....

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My Internet Calendar Subscriptions.pst will increase in file size every time I open Outlook2007. I have seen it bloat to 1.7 g... The only way I can stop this is to compact the Internet Calendar folder before I close Outlook2007 every time.

Now if you look at the file size for my 2 calendars (1 subscribed calendar & the default calendar) it comes up to be about 69kb for the subscribed cal and 875kb for the default cal. Once I compact the calendars I can get the "Internet Calendar Subscriptions.pst" down to about 16.7 mb which is still bigger than what it should be.

I have run the scanpst.exe multiple times till it comes back with no errors but no matter what I do the Internet Calendar Subscriptions.pst will increase in file size for absolutely no reason at all every time I open Outlook2007.

Any one have ideas on what the problem is and how I can stop it?

If this has been answered before I am sorry for the duplication, I searched and searched and could not find a solution to my exact problem.
I don't recall seening complaints about this before so no worries that you didn't search right. I'll see what i can find out.
I hate to be a 'me too', but I just found out that mine was 20 Gig! (Outlook reports the size as a few Meg)

Deleting the Internet Calendar Subscriptions.pst file seems to do the job as a workaround, but it shouldn't be getting anywhere near that size :-(

Internet calendar is Google
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