Import/Export of Contacts from/to Excel does not import E-Mail addresses

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Lucas LTB


We're using Office 2010 and trying to import contact information from an Excel-Table into Outlook. For this, we've exported contacts to Excel with the Import/Export assistant. There, it already does not include E-Mail addresses form our contacts: the columns "EMailAdresse", "EMailTyp", "EMailAngezeigterName" stay empty (German Outlook version). In the same way, when filling these columns and importing, the imported data does not contain any entries that were in the Excel table. I tried different formatings with no luck.

How to export (and after import) contact data including E-Mail addresses?



Karl Timmermans

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Just to get a few basic questions out of the way

#1 - You refer to the first Email address group - all your email address are in fact contained in this group and not the Email 2 or Email 3 group - correct?

#2 - Are your email addresses underlined (underlined = resolved) when viewed after opening a contact item? If not, the email fields will not export.

#3 - Have you explicitly checked the export mapping prior to export to ensure that everything is the way it's supposed to be (checking = clicking on Map Custom Fields button when presented)?

#4 - If you export your contacts to any other format (CSV or MS Access) - do the email addresses get included on export?

#5 - When importing - are you mapping all three Email fields (Address, Type, DisplayAs) or explicitly mapping the Email Address field only. When import standard email SMTP addresses, there is no need to map the "type" field. If the wrong value is entered for "type" - data will not be imported. The Type and DisplayName fields will be filled in automatically on import.

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