Problem with country in business address for contacts

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Bit obscure but I'm having some problems with displaying the country in the business address for contacts. If I enter a new contact with a country it doesn't always show up in the address box on the main contact record, I can see it if I click on the business button to edit the individual address fields.

Took ages to find out that this only seems to happen if the state is empty. If I edit the state field and then clear it the country is displayed correctly, this seems to happen in Outlook 2007 & 2010 and I think in earlier versions but I haven't checked that recently. Is this a bug or some kind of design decision that I don't understand? I can't seem to find mention of it elsewhere but I've checked on two different systems. Thanks


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Valid point iainay !!!!!!


Put a blank space or a single charater in the citiy or state the country in displayed.


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