I´m trying to export an outlook folder to a USB device. Does anyone knows how to do it?

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How can I export it?... Please I need help, MY WORK depends on it

Karl Timmermans

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What exactly is the nature of the question?

#1 - How to export any kind of folder to any kind of supported output file from Outlook in general?

A. From Outlook file menu --> Import and Export --> follow the screens making selections accordingly(additional info can be found in the Outlook help file by searching on Export)

#2 - How to export to a USB device?

A. Simply select the export file destination to be on the USB device - just another location like any other as long as it's connected

#3 - "I'm trying to export an Outlook folder..........................but am not able to do it?

A. Will require specifics of what you attempted to do and what problems encountered preventing a successful export.

You might also want to describe what the exact objective of the requirement is since exporting may not be the best solution (if it' to use the data on another system with Outlook, may be easier/better to simply copy the original PST file assuming the source is PST based and open that file on the target system).

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