Unsuccessful importing pst. file into MS Outlook

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Situation: Have extensive contact list I developed on network using Windows XP. Company went out of business and I reinstalled Windows XP on this computer to be able to import my contacts representing extensive work.Error messages: File is not compatible with version of Personal Folder information service. Contact Administrator.Recent changes you made to your computer: Developed om Windows XP network, trying to import to Windows XP personal after company folded.What you have already tried to fix the problem: change my settings every way possible. NO LUCK!!!How can I upload this File?

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The issue you describe has nothing to do with the version of the operating system used but has everything to do with the version of Outlook in use when the original PST file was created.

The problem described would occur if the PST file was created via MS Outlook '2003 and above. That PST file would not be compatible with Outlook 'XP (2002).

If you are absolutely certain that the PST file was originally created with Outlook 'XP (to stress again, absolutely nothing to do with Windows 'XP) and still get the error - then you have a corrupted PST file which may or may not be recoverable. If you have access to any system using any version of Outlook '2003 or higher, attempt to open the original PST file to determine if you still have a problem.

If you don't have access to newer versions of Outlook beyond 'O'XP - you can avail yourself of the free contact export function in ContactGenie Toolkit which allows you to open a standalone PST file not part of your Outlook'XP profile and export your contacts to a CSV file - http://www.contactgenie.com/toolkit_4_outlook.htm

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