Apple iPhone/iPod can't view Outlook 2007 Calendar invitations

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A long outstanding issue with the Apple iPhone and iPod - sent Outlook 2007 Calendar invitations appear on those devices as blank, no info provided, just a reference to an attachment that you can't open. Apple discussion boards are littered with references to this issue, it seems that no one is working on how to interpret an ics file at Apple. And I know, I know, I know that this is an APPLE issue, but I'm wondering if anyone on the MS end of this long outstanding issue has come up with a workaround? I would LOVE to purchase an iPhone 4 for business but this issue is a showstopper for me. Thanks in advance.

Black Barron

Ask the users to send an invitation in vcard format, that might work....I think the right place to look for Apple Answers is on apple forums...

Hope a Apple falls on someone from APPLE INC... to fix this :)


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