Cannot import contacts from a box running 2003 to a new laptop running 2010

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I bought a new laptop for work that has Windows 7 and 2010. I am attempting to export my contacts from Outlook 2003 on the box and then import that file to the laptop running Outlook 2010. I can export the file, but after transfering it to my new laptop, I cannot import it. I can get to the browse to file screen, but after I point to the CSV or XLS file, the "Next" button remains greyed out and inactive. I then tried to transfer the pst file from the 2003 box to the 2010 laptop, but the 2003 box will not allow transfering or moving the backup file as it states "The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file." I have hundreds of contacts in that address book, and I NEED it on my new machine. Please help!



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The most likely reason you encountered the "The process cannot access the file..........." is because Outlook was open at the time. Close Outlook, ensure that there is no "Outlook.exe" showing in the <Task Manager> <Processes> list (if there is - highlight it and End Process). Then copy your PST file to the new machine - there should not be anything using the PST file at this point.

Do make sure that if you are copying the PST file to a DVD etc, that you copy it to your target machine and remove the "read only" flag. Also, assuming this file has the same name as the default on your new machine (Outlook.pst) - don't over-wrtie that file on the new machine but rather rename the old one and then open it. If you want that file to be your default, change the Outlook settings using the Mail applet in Control Panel and and also remove the Outlook.PST file that was automatically created in 2010.

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