Shared calendar "No connection" error

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Our users are experiencing problems with Shared Calendars in Outlook 2010 connected to Exchange 2010.

The symptoms of this problem are like this. Users are using Outlook 2010 including Shared Calendars and after a while shared calendars start to show " no connection" status and users can't reach them anymore. Sometimes reboot helps and sometimes it doesn't.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Any suggestion how to troubleshoot Shared Calendar connections?

Luka Obersnu

Roady [MVP]

Are these shared calendar all located on the same Exchange server?

Are these clients to configured to cached shared folders?

When you look at the Send/Receive tab, is there an option which states; Connect to Server

Robert Sparnaaij


Sven De Bont

I'm experiencing the same issue. Things used to work fine, but I have the feeling the issues started after the exchange servers were upgraded to 2010

Some details on the setup.

I'm working on a stand-alone server (I do SharePoint development), not part of the domain. When I start Outlook, I have to enter my domain username & password which allows me to view my mailbox. I can however not see any shared calenders (or free/busy information)

Sven De Bont - MCAD


I'm seeing this same sort of problem in a similar environment. Exchange 2010 (SP1 installed), with Outlook 2010 clients. Seemed to be fine for a few months, but now we're starting to see this issue. It seems random; different calenders for different people are coming up with the " No Connection" status.

There is only one Exchange server. I'll have to check if they are configured for cached folders or not, same with the Connect to Server option.

Update: I found that if users are granted Full Access as opposed to " Free/Busy Time" , they can see the calendar fine. Was able to get quite a few people working this way, and didn't run into any that it didn't work for. I didn't find a Connect to Server option, and most of them are not caching.
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