Autocomplete doesn't retain the database after Outlook 2010 is restarted.

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Dan in Michigan

New computer with Windows 7 Enterprise installed. Office 2010 installed. User's account on Exchange 2003 server. Exchange 2007 front end server. Configure new computer with Office 2010 to connect to the exchange server in cached mode. No problems yet. User wants autocomplete database transfered to new computer. Grab a copy of the outlook.nk2 file and copy it to the new computer in the right directory and successfully import it using outlook /importnk2. User is happy uses it for days before Outlook is restarted and autocomplete stops working.

I went back and did some troubleshooting. When I copied the nk2 file to the right directory on the Office 2010 computer and ran outlook /importnk2, the outlook.nk2 file was renamed to outlook.nk2.old. Autocomplete continues to work as long as Outlook isn't closed and opened again.

I can rename outlook.nk2.old to outlook.nk2 and then run outlook /importnk2 and it will work again until Outlook is restarted. I opened task manager and waited for Outlook to disappear in the processes. It still doesn't work right. It looks like the nk2 files data is supposed to get written to a .dat file. How can I verify that is working correctly? Any ideas?

Guruprasad Ra

Verify whether Outlook.exe is listed in Task Manager after closing it once the new settings are applied.

Try the steps given below:

1. Open and close Outlook

2. Press and hold CTRL+SHIFT+ESC key on the keyboard to open Task Manager

3. Click on the Processes tab at the top and check if Outlook.exe is listed under the Image Name

4. If Outlook.exe is listed in the Task Manager, right-click on it to select End process (Note: if the Outlook.exe is listed in Task Manager, it signifies Outlook is running in the background)

5. After closing Outlook.exe from Task Manager, change the Outlook start-up folder to Calendar in Outlook safe

Steps to open Outlook in Safe mode:

Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run > copy and paste the following command and then press Enter

Outlook /safe

If the issue is resolved using Outlook safe, disable Outlook add-ins to prevent further issues.

To disable Add-ins in Outlook 2010

Open Outlook > Click on File > Options > Add-ins

Refer to the following link to know more information on how to disable add-ins:

Note: this article is for Outlook 2007, but this is also applicable to Outlook 2010.
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